Welcome! So, what or who is JLA Ministries anyway?

Who or what is JLA Ministries. Well, it’s me, Jeff Abramovitz. It’s a ministry born out of desire to reach young men, couples and Christians with encouragement, equipping and exhortation. If Christianity is true, and I believe that it is, it then is the worldview that best explains the way the world is. And, if it’s true, it should make a difference.

Sadly too many of those who have been in or near church are less and less looking like world-changers. Instead they are confused and often disillusioned by what they find in the church. The issue isn’t about Christ. It’s about other Christians. When the church rightly models the truth of it’s tenets, it thrives. When it poses as the world, it fails.

It’s time to step up and become men and women who live out the REAL dream that Christianity offers–a transformed life.

JLA Ministries is a ministry started to

  • Reach dads through the DadPad blog--a blog to men who are fathers, want to be fathers or have been influenced (good or bad) by their father
  • Reach men and fathers through DadPOD – a podcast started to hear from others who have been at the fathering and Christian manhood thing for a while. We discuss everything from tips and struggles to movie reviews to life and death issues. Good manly discussions. Join in the discussion at DadPOD.
  • Help Christians know why they believe what they believe through Apologetics Training. Using many of the tools provided by Stand To Reason I conduct small group, large group and workshop training sessions helping Christians learn how to more confidently navigate in the world of ideas in a winsome, biblical and Christlike manner. Check out the page on this site to find out where the next even is being held.